Nitric Oxide Services, LLC

BNOAT Oncology, Inc. is  a start-up company of the University of Akron Research Foundation which has the exclusive license to develop US Patent 5,936,082 which pertains to a drug which delivers nitric oxide (nitrosylcobalamin, NO-Cbl) to cells by a cell surface receptor known as CD320. NO-Cbl has demonstrated preclinical efficacy as an anti tumor agent against human, canine and feline cancers.

Our Clients

Nitric Oxide Services has access to proprietary nitric oxide-donor compounds, synthesis facilities and analytical methods and instrumentation which provides a comprehensive  platform to meet the challenge of any NO-based research project from inception to completion. To learn more about our capabilities, click below:

We are dedicated to  the research and development of Nitric Oxide (NO). Our clients have included the National Cancer Institute (NCI), major medical institutions, universities, Fortune 500 companies, and biotech start-ups.

Our secured-access laboratory is housed on the campus of Walsh University  in the St. John Paul II Center for Science Innovation which has access to state of the art analytical equipment, tissue culture, and chemical reactors.

BNOAT Oncolgy, Inc.